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In Asterias 1b the communicative goals for the beginners’ level are completed. As in Asterias 1a, in Asterias 1b the drawings and the songs support the acquisition of the language. In the textbook Asterias 1b the focus is put mainly on speaking and in a lesser degree on writing. However, the workbook elaborates the writing skill.

New topics are added in the communicative goals and the vocabulary: clothes, seasons and months, weather, transportation and means of transport, as well as types of residence, with new vocabulary on moving houses and furniture. The vocabulary related to the cities, suburbs, streets, and buildings, is completed with questions on where someone resides. The numbers go up to 21. At the same time, new tenses are introduced, i.e. simple future, and past tense, via communicative goals that are related to the winter holidays, Christmas, New Year’s, and Epiphany – thus adding cultural elements too. Adverbs, pronouns, and other grammatical phenomena, along with greetings, wishes, and other new expressions complete the material of the first level. At the end of the book, along with the vocabulary, there are tables of grammar corresponding to both Asterias 1a and Asterias 1b.

For the teacher:

  • Teacher’s book 1 (1a & 1b)

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